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Post by James on Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:37 pm

Step One.
View the previous post on how to get connected to the SimFly.EU server.

Step Two.
Once you have become a member of the airline on the AFTS system, it will take less that 24 hours for your request to join to get accepted. Then when you have been accepted, a couple of new pages to the left hand side on the AFTS system will appear.

Step Three.
The first step to track your first flight is to ensure that you have FSX running on the 'choose aircraft' window, and to make sure that the AFTS Client is running, and minimized on your computer. It should show to the bottom right hand side of your screen, as a yellow or green icon.

Step Four

Follow the link below, and to the left hand side the location of each aircraft in our fleet is shown.

Step Five
Select a route from the link-uk VA route lists, here, but make sure that one of the aircraft in our fleet is located there. Also make sure that you have that certain aircraft downloaded, and you are able to fly that certain aircraft.;

Step Six.
When you have found that route, enter the flight number of that route, and tail number from the schedule you wish to fly into FSX.

Step Seven.
Load up an FSX Flightplan for this route, and spawn at the departure destination, preferably at a gate or stand Smile...

Step Eight.
Have a safe flight, and be sure to check this page; to see the progress of your flight, and be sure to stop off at a gate on arrival to let the pax offload!

Thanks for reading, it really isn't as hard as it looks!.

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